LEGO Titanic, The Largest LEGO Set Ever Created

The LEGO Titanic is the largest set that LEGO has ever created. This incredible recreation of the sadly doomed ship contains an incredible 9,090 pieces and when finished, stands an amazing 4 feet 5 inches (1.3 meters) long, making it a 1:200 scale model of the original. The kit features all that was aboard the original ship (excluding the iceberg). This includes the bridge, a grand staircase, a smoking lounge, the promenade deck, and a swimming pool. The ship is divided into three sections for the build and features turning propellers and an anchor that can be raised and lowered.

9,090 pieces. 1.3 meters long (4 ft. 5 in). One LEGO Titanic building project! Authentically detailed views. Remarkable cross section. Faithfully recreated features. A build of historic proportions. Build the ship of dreams with the new LEGO Titanic.

This incredible kit is available for pre-order in November 2021.

Pre-order the new LEGO® Titanic, starting November 1, 2021,will ship from November 8, 2021

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LEGO Ambassador Bricksie made a video buidling this massive set and had a whole lot of fun doing so.

Today we build the massive 9090 pieces LEGO TITANIC! This new amazing set has 46 building stages that are divide into 3 different larger stages. Each box comes with its own instruction manual and builds a huge chunk of the vessel. After building each section they are attached to each other making one solid unit. To say the least, it is very impressive that when fully constructed you can pick up the entire ship and it is durable enough to be moved around as one solid unit. This set is AMAZING and the building process was incredible.

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