Inspector Calls Out the Builders of a $500K House for the Ridiculous Shortcut Fixes They Made on the Home

Inspector AJ, a certified professional home inspector in Tennessee, hilariously called out the builders selling a $500,000 house for all of the ridiculous and unsafe shortcut fixes they made around the home. This list includes lots of caulk around fixtures that are either broken or not even attached to the house at all, uneven flooring, loose railings, a garage opener that was installed but not attached, a dangerous support for a water heater, and loose electrical outlets.

If you get ready to drop half a million dollars on a brand new house you should probably get the outlets to not be loose. …you should also not use a wood pallet to support a water heater. The hose bib is not even attached to the house. It’s completely loose and we have a damaged window and instead of actually just replacing the trim, they just used caulk.

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