Inside the Smallest Luxury Apartment in Tokyo

Norm Nakamura of Tokyo Lens took a tour through the smallest luxury apartment in Tokyo. Much to Nakamura’s surprise, this tiny apartment offers a lot of storage. There are closets upon entry, a roomy bathroom and shower, and a small main bedroom that features a loft for storage above. Nakamura was incredibly impressed with the finishings despite the tiny footprint of the place.

Today we are are going a little deeper with Tokyo, Japan’s TINIEST Luxury apartment! …I would live here this place. It is so much nicer bigger and cleaner than my first ever apartment in Japan. If I were making youtube videos back then that would have been the place to show.

Nakamura also spoke with a resident whose favorite part of the apartment was that the shower and toilet in the bathroom were separated. The man works in a restaurant, so the small kitchen doesn’t bother him and he uses the loft for his gaming space.

The separate shower/oilet is the best part….One of my favorite parts of this place is this [the shower room] and the toilet room, they’re separated, which I really love.

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