Improv Everywhere Invites Random People to Take Their Shot at a Winning Goal in an Empty Soccer Field

For their mission “The Game Winning Goal”, the folks at Improv Everywhere set up at a soccer field inside Gantry Plaza┬áState Park in Long Island City, Queens, where a lone goalie invited passersby to kick a penalty ball into the net. When the shot was made, a celebratory group of fans and teammates came out to congratulate the “winning goal”. This happened over and over several times during the course of the day with the same amount of enthusiasm for each person who participated. The winners were also given certain VIP treatment.

For our latest mission, we surprised random people with the chance to kick the game winning goal …Some walked by and ignored it. Others took their shot, and were immediately surprised with a huge victory celebration with teammates, fans, a trophy, and a post-game interview with a sportscaster.

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