Icelandic Horses Help Respond to Work Emails So Iceland Visitors Can Disconnect and See the Sights

OutHorse Your Email is a very clever tourism campaign by Iceland that recruits their wonderfully unique horses to respond to work emails so visitors can relax, disconnect, and enjoy all the incredible sights that the country has to offer.

Disconnect from work and let the horses of Iceland reply to your emails while you are on vacation.

Visitors can even pick one of three horses to answer their email. Litla Stjarna Frá Hvítarholti is a chestnut colored horse who “types fast but might take a nap”; Hrímnir Frá Hvammi is a white horse who is “assertive. efficient.” and has “shiny hair”; Hekla Frá Þorkellshóli is a brown horse who is “friendly” and “trained in corporate buzzwords”.

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