How To Capture the Wes Anderson Look in Photos

Imitative Photography explains how to fully capture the Wes Anderson aesthetic in photos using a variety of specific techniques. This includes location, proportion, props, lighting, focal length, symmetry, and color saturation.

It’s hard to find a director with a more distinct visual style than Wes Anderson. In this video we’re going to learn how to recreate it photographically. …What are the elements of Wes Anderson’s visual style that make him so recognizable?

He described how “Accidentally Wes Anderson” came about.

It’s an Instagram page started in 2017 by Brooklyn-based couple Wally and Amanda Koval. They came across a similarly named subreddit of photos of real places that looked like they had been plucked from Wes Anderson’s films. They then started their instagram account as a sort of travel bucket list of places they wanted to explore.

via The Awesomer

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