How the Trap/Neuter/Return Method Saves Cats’ Lives

Famous cat daddy Jackson Galaxy talked about the importance of TNR (trap/neuter/return) to help lower the number of cats who live in feral colonies around the United States. He explains that this method of controlling feral cat populations leads to fewer euthanizations overall. Galaxy uses a Louisville, Kentucky, program as an example of how TNR works.

Kentucky where they really embraced this model  with Louisville Metro Animal Services. Once this model of TNR was adopted over an eight-year  periodm, here’s what they found. A combined total of 24,697 cats were trapped sterilized vaccinated  and returned over an eight-year period. During this time admissions to the shelter dropped by 42.8  percent and here’s the kicker, euthanasia of cats by Louisville Metro Animal Services declined by  94.1 percent. Those are pretty staggering numbers.

Galaxy also talks about the two retired women who were arrested for attempting to perform TNR for a feral cat colony in Wetumpka, Alabama.

Here is the footage of the incident in Alabama.

Body cam footage from the Wetumpka Police Department shows the arrest of 61-year-old Mary Alston and 85-year-old Beverly Roberts for feeding and trapping feral cats to have them spayed or neutered.

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