How Kraftwerk’s Minimalism Influenced Other Music

Captain Pikant dove deep into the percussive history of Kraftwerk, noting how their minimalist style influenced other electronic music genres such as Hip-Hop and Techno.

The evolution of electronic music like Hip-Hop and Techno can be directly traced back to one common ancestor: Kraftwerk. …Kraftwerk had a huge impact on electronic music – their name pops up surprisingly often whenever musicians talk about their influences.

The Captain analyzed the beats of each album the band released and determined that the band was really at the forefront of electronic music.

What I really love about Kraftwerk is how they experimented with their sounds – they are unapologetically synthetic. They never try to conceal the fact that the sounds are artificial – they celebrate it. Some of these could even be straight out of a 1960’s science-fiction movie.

via b3ta

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