How Double-Edged Shaving Razor Blades Are Made

The Discovery Science Channel series “How It’s Made” looks behind the scenes at how double-edged shaving razor blades are made.

Cavemen sharpened pieces of flint and used them to shave their facial hair. Modern man can simply go purchase a pack of razor blades for his shaver. …They’re paper-thin yet sharp enough and strong enough to cut through the coarsest beard. Razor blades are made from a stainless steel strip that’s a mere four one-thousandths of an inch thick.

The individual blades start out as a single strip that is cut, heated, cooled, and heated again to harden the metal. The strip is then branded before going into a grinding and polishing machine that creates sharp double edges and separates the blades from one another. After a few more steps, the individual blades are tested, coated, and packaged for retail sale.

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