Helpful Hints for Cooking Eggs in a Pan

Food vlogger Adam Ragusea shared a number of helpful hints for cooking different types of eggs in a pan. Included in this list are fried eggs, sunnyside up, over-easy, scrambled, omelets, and basted.

Here are my workmanlike approaches to each of these very basic delights. If you know nothing about how to cook an egg in a pan, I have endeavored to make a video for you and this is it.

As he demonstrated each method, Ragusea also took some time to respond to past critics.

One time I did this on the internet and a dude in the comments was like, “Pshh, you clearly have no idea what you’re doing. You’re using a metal utensil on a nonstick surface.” Dude, it’s not like I’m grinding a knife-edge into the pan. It’s just the round belly of a spoon, that’s not gonna hurt anything. …One time a dude in the comments castigated me for beating eggs with a fork instead of a whisk. He said the fork is “juvenile.” How do people like that function in the real world?

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