Helpful Hacks for Avoiding Holiday Cat-astrophes

Famous cat expert Jackson Galaxy offers some very timely seasonal advice about avoiding possible cat-astrophes that can occur during the holidays.

So let’s talk about the potential problems that you face during the holiday season if you have cats and the hacks that I can provide to get you through it without winding up at the ER at three o’clock in the morning with your cat.

He further explains how to keep a Christmas tree safe from a cat and a cat safe from the tree. This includes strapping down the tree or using a plastic tree. He warns of the dangers of pine needles, tree water, ornaments, flocking spray, wires, and ribbons. He also points out that chocolate, spices, poultry bones, dairy, and alcohol are really unhealthy for cats. Holiday plants such as poinsettias, mistletoe, lilies, and holly are incredibly toxic to cats.

Here are a few things that you must avoid your cat ingesting. The first one is chocolate. Chocolate is absolutely toxic to cats and dogs. …cats are meant to eat meat but not meat with like garlic all over it or barbecue … Another thing that you must avoid is cooked bones cooked bones are absolutely when we talk about pine needles that’s basically what a cook bone will do. It’ll splinter. It’ll go down the wrong way. It’ll perforate on its way down and here’s just a taste of other things that could be really dangerous for your cat.

Galaxy also offers helpful ways to help cats deal with visitors.

think what we tend to see is when there’s a big gathering of loud people, your cat just can’t take that amount of energy in. But even if there’s like three or four people we can’t just expect them to acclimate especially when they’re having to share the floor with everybody. Having to compete for floor space is something that a cat doesn’t need. what they do need is “catification”- more vertical spaces. Make sure that you have perches in the windows and that they have prime spaces where they can hang out. Clear off the mantle. man and just give them a place to chill.

Here are a couple of cats who are playing safely with the holiday decorations.

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