Helpful Dog Collects Plastic Bottles for Recycling

A very helpful and very clever border collie named Scruff collects discarded plastic bottles for recycling while walking with his humans David and Yvonne near their Nuneaton, Warwickshire home in the West Midlands in England.

A clever recycling dog is helping clear the streets of litter by collecting hundreds of plastic bottles during his daily walks.

David and Yvonne stated Scruff first started picking up bottles during their walks. He’d keep them for a while and then set them down. Seeing how they could put Scruff’s skills to good use, they began collecting the bottles for recycling. Since then, they’ve counted how many bottles Scruff collects in one go.

Scruff, a 13-year-old border collie, has been amazing local residents who have dubbed him the ‘eco dog’ as he does his bit for the environment in Nuneaton, Warks. The intelligent pooch loves nothing more than picking up plastic bottles during a walk and his owners soon realised they could turn his playful antics into a positive.

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