Hacker Uses Hand Signals to Become Human Keyboard

Everything Is Hacked cleverly used an obscure hand-signal flag semaphore to turn himself into a human keyboard.

The first thing I needed was a way to make the entire alphabet with my body I tried a few options that all ended up being either way too difficult for the computer vision to identify or way too difficult for me to do I finally discovered flag semaphore it’s an obscure system that represents letters and numbers by sticking your arms out at different angles.

He first learned how to match the different arm movements to the correct letter, added in his own movements for newer keys, wired himself to his keyboard, and typed out the lyrics to different songs while also getting in a pretty good workout.

Get an 80s workout while you type!

Here’s the code he created for this project.

Semaphore uses OpenCV and MediaPipe’s Pose detection to perform real-time detection of body landmarks from video input. From there, relative differences are calculated to determine specific positions and translate those into keys and commands sent via keyboard.

via The Awesomer

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