Guitarist Provides a Heavy Metal Soundtrack to US Navy ‘Steamroller’ Call and Response Cadence

The incredibly agile guitarist Andre Antunes (previously) provided a brilliant heavy metal soundtrack to US Navy B10 Mass Communication Specialist Josiah Trombley‘s incredible performance of the traditional “Steamroller” call and response cadence to a group of marching recruits in 2016. While Trombley is now studying to become a chaplain for the Navy, he certainly could also consider a career as a rock vocalist. 

Antunes stated that he was inspired by The Kiffness in doing this video.

Navy public affairs students go METAL. Marching to B610 cadence (Steam Roller). …Shout out to The Kiffness for inspiring me with his brilliant “I Left My Home” video.

Here’s the original footage without the heavy metal soundtrack where Trombley’s voice really comes through.

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