Grading Each of the 50 State Flags of the United States

The ever-forthright commentator CGP Grey humorously graded the state flags of the United States. As each state presented its respective configurations, Grey pointed out how several of these representative flags violated the basic tenets of design by including words, dates, portraits, or seals.

Your homework assignment as the U.S. states  that you are was to make your state flag. A flag to stir pride in your citizens. A flag to stand proud on the American stage. A tough task, though not too tough with the   guidelines I gave you upon  which you will be graded. One. Keep it simple.…Two. Make it distinct at a distance. …Three colors or fewer…Four. Symbols. ….Five. Words on a flag. The ideal number is zero. It’s a flag, not a note that  you’re passing in class.

Those flags that scored the highest grades were New Mexico, Texas, Maryland, Mississippi, and Utah. Those flags that received worse than failing grades were California, Florida, Kansas, Iowa, Illinois, and New York.

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