Goats Dine Al Fresco in the First Snow of Winter

The often amusing goats of Sunflower Farm Creamery in Cumberland, Maine enjoyed eating al fresco in the first snow of Winter 2021. The hungry hircine adults gathered around the feeding area to enjoy a lovely meal, many of them eating for two, while other goats watched from the doorway, safe and warm inside.

Everything looks extra cozy when it is snowy! About 13 of these mamas are cooking up kids for spring so they get very excited for breakfast! …Wishing you all a very sweet start to winter. When the outside world gets crazy remember you have all the sweetness and warmth you need within you.

Once mealtime was done, one particularly rambunctious goat began nibbling at the wreath on the door.

Happy Holidays from Donnie P. who thinks everything is a snack!

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