Glider Pilot Makes Incredibly Smooth Landing in the Rain

Glider pilot Stefan Langer impressively made an incredibly smooth landing in the rain at the airfield past the Italian town of Pavullo nel Frignano. Langer was finishing the last day of an e-glide competition in 2019 when he encountered bad weather. Although he could not use his standard glider equipment at the time, he was able to navigate his vehicle safely and smoothly.

At the last competition day of the 1st e-glide contest it was very difficult to get back home to the airfield. The finish cylinder was big enough to stay out of the rain shower and still finish the task. With a lot of patience I managed to climb with thermals above the final glide path and also used the FES to gain some more meters. Unfortunately you are not allowed to use the FES in rain and there are no outlanding fields north of Pavullo.

Langer put together a compilation of three of his most challenging landings.

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