George Harrison Breaks Out Into a Pirate Song After Teasing ‘My Sweet Lord’ in 1975 Christmas Special

Long before “Rickrolling” was a thing, George Harrison quite amusingly teased the musical opening to “My Sweet Lord” onstage with his band before launching into a jolly rendition of an original “Pirate Song”.

I want to be a pirate

A pirate’s life for me

All my friends are pirates

And sail the B.B. Sea

I’ve got a Jolly Roger

It’s black and white and vast

Get out of your skull and crossbones

And I’ll run it up your mast

This hilarious event occurred during the 1975  Rutland Weekend Television Christmas Special for which Harrison’s good friend Eric Idle was the host.

As it turns out, Harrison was in character as “Pirate Bob” throughout the show, cajoling both Idle and writer Neil Innes for a pirate sketch that year. When he didn’t get his way, Harrison decided to make one of his own.

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