French Prankster Tricks Everyone With Fake UFO Sightings and an Alien With a Crashed Spaceship

The brilliant French prankster Rémi Gaillard, who has pulled off some wild hoaxes in the past, really outdid himself by creating highly believable UFO sightings in Southern France that the media lapped up with glee. The sightings then led to a stray alien with a crashed spaceship showing up in rather odd but commonplace locations.

Gaillard, who is the master of straight face comedy, portrayed the wayward alien who blocked traffic, tried to get the spaceship towed by a local garage, called the fire service for assitance, and even tried to steal a cow, as aliens often do.

UFOs spotted in France : behind the scenes of the hoax that fooled the media… Here is my new prank video ! Watch out, they’re coming

Gaillard stated that his pulled this prank in order to fool the media.

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