Freerider Pro Puts Wooden Wheels on a Mountain Bike

Professional freeride mountain biker Sam Pilgrim decided to build a pair of wooden wheels for his mountain bike to see how they would ride. Pilgrim measured out the plank of wood, cut carefully and attached them to his bicycle. Like others who have tinkered with their bikes, Pilgrim took it out for a test ride.

I rushed out, got some 18mm ply and began making my own back wheel, after a quick bike maintenance session we had some wooden wheels connected to my bike and it was time to get out and try it! First stop were the local trails to see if the wheels actually worked before slowly moving around to different locations.

Once he felt comfortable on the wooden wheels, he tried out a pump track, where the wheels performed beautifully, much to Pilgrim’s surprise.

Today I push the limits of these crazy MTB wheels made of wood to see which tricks, trails and jumps they can survive on, but will they actually work? ….I rode a pump track an urban MTB freeride spot and then the final banger was to hit a huge jump at Phoenix bike park and pull off an unthinkable trick!

Here’s a clip with that final trick.

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