Frasier’s Seattle View Replaced With Video Games

Eagle McGill, a video game publisher in London, created the hilarious Twitter account “frasier looking at video games”. The Frasier in this case is Frasier Crane (played impeccably by Kelsey Grammer) the titular character of the Cheers spinoff series Frasier. When stressed, Frasier would often gaze out of his beautiful floor-to-ceiling windows onto the Seattle skyline.

McGill switched out the Seattle view for those environments found in popular video games, including Bioshock, Alan Wake, Bloodborne, Half-Life, Stardew Valley, Streets of Kamurocho, Townscaper, Super Mario Odyssey, and others.

Frasier looking at video games, locations, and sometimes other

Here’s the original from the series finale “Goodnight Seattle”.

via Boing Boing

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