Filmmaker Teaches 12 Year Old Boy With a Rare Disease How to Make a ‘Batman’ Stop Motion Animation

Filmmaker Kyle Roberts of Reckless Abandonment Pictures worked with Make-a-Wish to provide a 12 year old boy named Booker with the opportunity to teach him how to create one of the amazing stop-motion animations for which Roberts is known. The two of them decided that the best way to celebrate “Batman Day” was to help Booker create a “We Are Batman”, a Batman stop motion animation of his very own.

I felt honored they even thought of us, but wanted to level up Booker’s wish by actually producing a STOP MOTION ANIMATION with him! So the wish was set, for Booker to produce a stop motion with our team!…Our team crafted a short story with Booker and once we got the story locked in, began storyboarding and animating the stop motion,

Booker, who has a rare congenital disease, was involved in each and every aspect of the short film.

Booker came to the studio for one of the animating days and also made a live action cameo with his dad! After 1,200 individual photos and 3 weeks of work, the stop motion animation part of the production was wrapped. Booker also came to the studio for a day during post production where the team walked through tricks and tips in compositing and rotoscoping.

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