Fermenting and Distilling Oreos Into a Drinkable Spirit

Whiskey Tribe of the Crowded Barrel Whiskey Company in Austin, Texas hilariously attempted to distill Oreo cookies into a drinkable spirit. The team first blended bags of the cookies, mixed them with water and fast-acting yeast, and let the mixture ferment.

What happens when you ferment and distill OREO COOKIES into alcohol? Let’s find out!

The resulting distilled spirit stood at 145 proof, with strong notes of cream cheese, sourdough, and dirty chocolate. They didn’t seem to hate it too much.

 Oh it’s actually very sweet there’s a bitter quality. Yeah you live with it for a minute and it gives you like a metallic vanilla …it’s still muddy chocolate to me. …After you get it in you it becomes more sweetened candy. It’s still not great. It didn’t turn into this nice flavored product. It needs something to happen to it to be good. 

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