Elephant Gets New Prosthetic For His Missing Foot

A beautiful Asian elephant named Chhouk, who was found as a sickly orphan wandering around the jungles of Cambodia and missing his left front foot due to a poacher’s snare in 2007, was fitted with a brand-new prosthetic. According to conservationist Cam Whitnall of Paradise Wildlife Park, Chhouk receives a new prosthetic every six months.

Chhouck sadly lost his foot to a snare when he was young and was rescued by the Wildlife Alliance and lives at their rescue center in Cambodia. So the team provided him a prosthetic for every six months which my family charity Paradise Wildlife Park donates the funds for.

The prosthetic is made out of recyclable materials.

The foot goes on, which is made from recycled tires and plastics and foamjust so it’s comfortable for him and this is all done through positive reinforcement training.

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Here’s footage of Chhouk when he was younger.

via Good News Network

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