Dragon Optical Illusion Appears to Turn Its Head

The “Inside Out Dragon” by Jerry Andrus, which was on display at the Franklin Institute‘s Sir Isaac’s Loft around 2016 and 2017, is a marvelous optical illusion that makes it appear that the eyes of a paper dragon are following us wherever we go. The dragon is actually inverted. However, because humans are trained to see faces before anything else, our brains reverse the inversion to see the dragon in its entirety.

The “Inside-Out Dragon” is a classic optical illusion. Your brain turns the Dragon right side out because you aren’t used to seeing things inverted. The Dragon follows you because it is visible from many different angles.

The BadAstronomer explained the illusion in detail and showed how to make one at home.

This paper cut-out dragon appears to turn its head to follow the camera! But it’s an illusion, and I explain how it works.

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