Donovan Performs New His Single ‘I Am the Shaman’ in a Starkly Surreal Music Video Directed by David Lynch

Legendary Scottish singer Donovan performed his new acoustic single “I Am the Shaman” at the Los Angeles studios of iconic director David Lynch. Lynch captured this somewhat surreal performance in stark black and white footage, allowing Donovan to vocalize the hypnotic message he was sending through the lyrics of his song while playing his beloved 1996 Ferrington guitar that he named “Kelly”.

Donovan’s I AM THE SHAMAN recorded in David Lynch’s LA Studio and the video directed by David Lynch. Donovan plays his acoustic guitar ‘Kelly‘ and sings. David plays his unique Modal Chord Guitar Textures and effects.

We ask you all… What on Earthly Heaven can Donovan be singing about?

In addition to his new single, Donovan was also celebrating his 75th birthday on May 10, 2021.

Happy 75th Birthday @thedonovanofficial! To celebrate, he is raising funds to teach Transcendental Meditation technique to students in County Cork, Ireland. f you would like to help in this endeavor, Donovan has asked all who can to post birthday wishes on his Facebook page.

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