Devoted Husband Builds a Rotating House So His Beloved Wife Can Have a Constantly Changing View

Devoted husband Vojin Kusic built a lovely house in Srbac, Bosnia for his beloved wife Ljubica that has a green facade, a red roof, and a screened-in porch that sits on an axis that rotates around the open space of their farm.

Situated in fertile plain in northern Bosnia near the town of Srbac, the house spins around a 7-meter axis designed by Kusic, with the view of cornfields and farmland changing to forests and the river at a desired speed. Kusic said that the house can make a full circle in 24 hours when it is set on the slowest speed but while at the fastest spinning, it turns around in 22 seconds.

Ljubica had told him many years ago that she wanted to be able to see the sun but also see the people who came into their yard. After raising three children together in a different house, Kusic told The Associated Press that was finally able to grant Ljubica’s wish.

After I reached an advanced age and after my children took over the family business, I finally had enough time to task myself with granting my wife her wish” to be able to change the position of rooms in her house whenever she wants

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