Cony Hawk, The Skateboarding Traffic Delineator

Cony Hawk is a pro skateboarding traffic delineator that shreds Esco Skatepark in Escondido, California, and travels around to other parks around the US to do the very same thing.

This amusing idea came from Tim, who works for the park as a “Fun Maker”. Tim sets Cony Hawk in motion and lets gravity take over the rest of the way. Sometimes Cony Hawk is successful, and sometimes not. Either way, Cony Hawk shows excellent etiquette when doing both.

Cony Hawk bails but never fails!


Reply to @fishcat839264 Cony Hawk’s been going big since way before your time? #conyhawk #flashbacks

? masquerade x mtr – jovynn


Reply to @spinyzy.rl Cony Hawk’s testing out some new setups rn? #conyhawk

? this is what falling in love feels like – JVKE

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