Composer Draws Sheet Music as Cute Cats and Dogs

Israeli composer Noam Oxman combines his love for music, art, and animals into one with his adorable “Sympawnies” series, for which he draws sheet music in the shape of cats, dogs, and sometimes other cute creatures. He also gives each piece an animal-appropriate name, such as “String Quartcat No. 3”, “To-cat-a in G”, and “Violin Pawlude”, to name a few.

n the search of new ways to express my art, my passions, and my music I created ‘Sympawnies’ – a new type of art form that combines three of my biggest loves – animals, music, and drawing. ‘Sympawnies’ is a collection of my original musical scores, which I draw in the shapes of different animals.

Oxman sells commissioned works, with some of the proceeds going to a wonderful cause.

At least 20% of the profits are used to feed and give medical treatment to stray cats.

via Neatorama

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