Comedian Recites a Three-Minute Original Monologue Without Using the Letter ‘E’

Comedian Matt Colbo, who enjoyed doing an impression of Tom Scott on a couple of occasions, took inspiration from Gasdby author Ernest Vincent Wright by recording a more than three-minute monologue that did not use the letter E (or the symbol “he cannot say”) in any form.

This particular production will not contain any words that contain that symbol that I cannot say now. Choosing words without said symbol in a grammatical fashion is proving difficult but I did want to find out if it was at all within my ability to do so.

Sadly, Colbo chose not to use said symbol even though his father’s life depended upon it.

Chris: It’s your dad he’s been abducted what the people said they just need you to tell him that you love him and then they’ll let him go that’s it

Matt: I  can’t

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