Comedian Discusses ‘The Mandela Effect’ With Herself While Arguing About the Correct Name for Sweden

Comedian Julie Nolke, who occasionally visits her past self from the present among other things, engaged in a conversation with another version of herself about The Mandela Effect, particularly about how false memories can be shared by a number of people at one time.

Their collective examples include The Berenstain Bears and the line “Luke, I am your Father”, which was never uttered in any Star Wars film (like “Beam Me Up, Scotty”). Where they parted ways, however, was with the name of a certain Scandinavian country.

Julie 1: It’s where Ikea is from.

Julie 2: Oh, Sweden?

Julie 1: Sweden, yes, that’s it. have never called it that before.

Julie 2: What have you been calling it?

Julie 1: Well, the fishy cold place. I mean, everybody remembers it being called the fishy cold place, but I guess it’s not that.

Julie 2: Nobody has ever called Sweden the fishy cold place. …

Julie 1: I only found out it was called Sweden like a year ago.

Julie 2: That’s not the Mandela effect. That’s just you being an idiot.

They then called a third Julie, who confirmed that the country was called “the fishy cold place”. It was only when the second Julie pointed out to the first Julie that she was eating Swedish candy.

I gotta look this up. What? Swedish berries.

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