Comedian Bluntly Explains the Unchanged State of the World in January 2022 to Her August 2021 Self

A very stressed Julie Nolke of January 2022 sat down with her previous self from August 2021 to bluntly explain that the state of the world hasn’t seemed to improve with the new year.

Let’s just say, you know, if in 2020 you had gone into a cryosleep for two years, you would be waking up. You’d be like, wow, everything’s the same!

While her previous self didn’t seem surprised by much of what her future self had to say, news of the great Betty White‘s recent death hit her hard and left her craving some positivity.

Now for the good news…um, we’re getting a new table, It’s teak. And it’s vintage and you like teak and I know because I like teak, and I should just go.

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