Clever Pied Crow Thinks He’s More Human Than Bird

Macey Everett of the American Eagle Foundation in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, spoke with GeoBeats about an African pied crow named Friar Tuck who came to live there after being rescued from a pet store at an older age.

Tuck is 17 years old which is very old for an African pied crow. They usually live to be about 20. He very much acts like an older gentleman, to the point like where he doesn’t like to come out of his room early in the morning. He likes being the star of everything and he’s also a real ladies man.

As it turned out, Tuck, as he’s known, is rather gregarious and very intelligent. He also sometimes believes that he’s more human than a bird due to the company he keeps.

He just wants to be social with us and doesn’t really want to be social with other birds because he thinks that we are technically part of his little family unit. If we’re calling his name, he knows it and he comes running. He is very intelligent.


Corvid intelligence or identity crisis? Tuck is a rescued African Pied Crow, belonging to the corvid family. This group is the smartest birds known to man. They can mimic sounds and words! If you visit Dollywood, stop by and see Tuck! #birdsoftiktok #birdsarenotreal #birds #bird #crow #corvid #rescue #fyp #aef #birdsarentreal

? original sound – AEFEagles


Tuck our African pied crow is an artist! #dollywood #americaneaglefoundation #crow #africanpiedcrow #easttennessee

? Howl’s Moving Castle – Merry Go Round of Life – Vitamin String Quartet


Tuck says “Hello” and Happy Valentines Day! ?? Crows are very smart! Tuck can also say, “what” & “hi tuck” #crow #birds #wildlife #formyvalentine

? original sound – AEFEagles

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