Clever Parody of the Scene in Space Movies Where the Person Communicating Onscreen Is About to Die

British actor and comedian Alasdair Beckett-King quite hilariously parodied the scene from a great many space films and TV movies where the character in charge of communicating back to Earth realizes that he’s about to die.

Beckett-King goes through the step-by-step process reporting that all is well and signs off. When he signs back on, he calmly reports that a disturbance has occurred. When the feed begins cutting out to he comes to the realization of his own mortality, and when the captain has eaten his own face, he knows that his fateful end is soon to come.

Beckett-King stated that he was inspired to do this by films he had recently watched. He also stated that he covered his face in vaseline to give a sense of reality to his character.

OK, I watched Event Horizon and Sunshine back-to-back. If that’s a crime, arrest me. Suggestions for videos where I don’t cover my face with horrible grease are welcome.

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