Cat Walks Across the Sand in Her Own Footprints

A long white cat walked effortlessly across the sand, placing her back feet in the footprints made by her front feet, leaving only two sets instead of four. This way of walking is known as direct registering, a stealthy way of walking so as not to alert predators or prey.

Cats have a precise method of walking called direct registering. Their hind paws fall inside the place of their forepaws, minimizing noise and visible tracks, while ensuring more stable footing.

According to the Maine Heritage Trust, this is primarily done by four-legged creatures in the wild (coyote, fox, and bobcat.)

Direct registering is when a walking/trotting four-legged critter places its back foot directly where the corresponding front foot had been. This “track in a track,” or “two tracks in one” (if you will), appears to be a single track.  This walking style is efficient in snow, grasses, and most habitats, and is used by wild dogs and cats. …

That’s not to say that domesticated animals don’t do this too, as demonstrated by an adorable fuzzy feline named “Little Cat”.

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