Breadwinner, A Device That Monitors Sourdough Starter Data and Sends Alert When Ready It’s Ready to Bake

Breadwinner is a smart device that attaches to a Mason jar and monitors sourdough bread starter by learning how it grows. Inspired by Justin Lam and developed by Fred Benenson (previously) and Sarah Pavis, Breadwinner sports WiFi connectivity, infrared sensors to measure height, ambient temperature readings, and colony happiness data. Most importantly, however, Breadwinner will send a notification saying that the starter is ready to use. The beta version of Breadwinner is now available for purchase.

Stop guessing when your starter is ready: the single biggest improvement you can make as a sourdough baker is knowing how and when your starter is most active. Breadwinner send you a notification when your starter is ready to bake.

People are pretty excited about the launch of Breadwinner.

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