Boston Bagel Shop Uses a Side-Mounted Buzzsaw on a Conveyor Belt to Cut Their Bagels in Perfect Halves

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Finagle a Bagel is a lovely café with locations in and around the city of Boston that makes kettle-boiled New York-style bagels. Like other bagel places, Finagle a Bagel has a full menu of deli-style sandwiches, a variety of flavored cream cheese, and good food for any time of day.

What makes them different from other bagel shops, is the unique way in which they cut their bagels – with a side-mounted buzzsaw. The bagel is sent down a conveyor belt in one piece, makes contact with the saw, and comes out the other side perfectly cut in half.

While this clever idea is very effective, the owners of the café warn customers not to attempt this maneuver in their own kitchen.

Don’t try this at home – leave it to the Finagle a Bagel professionals.

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