Bob Dorough Performs Schoolhouse Rock’s ‘Three Is a Magic Number’ Live in 2017

The great Bob Dorough performed a lively version of the iconic Schoolhouse Rock song “Three Is a Magic Number” with his band during a live performance at the Scranton Cultural Center in 2017.

Live concert at Scranton, PA Cultural Center, 2017. Walt Bibinger – Guitar, Doug Smith – Bass, Tyler Dempsey – Drums.Show less

Dorough, who was 94 at the time, interacted with the crowd and asked them to sing along, particularly when it came to the math part of the song.

This is the first song I wrote that started a whole cottage industry called “Schoolhouse Rock”. Little did I know at the time, I was just trying to write a song to help kids with their multiplication. As always when we do “Schoolhouse Rock” i expect a little audience participation. While some of you kids look older than their regular kids, still you should know your times tables.

Here’s the original Schoolhouse Rock version of the song from 1973

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