Bicyclists Encounter King Charles III While Riding the Balmoral Estate Trail in Scotland

While riding the bicycle trails of the Balmoral Estate, Scottish bicyclist Andrew Mcavoy found himself face to face with Charles III, the newly sworn King of the United Kingdom, who proved himself a gracious host. Mcavoy and his mates were surprised to find out that the King was such a very nice man in person.

Well, it’s not very day that you bump into the King! But that’s exactly what happened on this bike ride. We were riding on Balmoral estate, and there were plenty of Range Rovers and guards with guns, but we didn’t actually expect to see or speak to the King in the way that we did. I’m not a big fan of the Royal family, in fact, I suppose I could be described as anti-establishment. That doesn’t mean that I didn’t enjoy meeting King Charles, and it doesn’t stop him from being a very nice man to talk to either.

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