Baby Adorably Giggles As Dad Trims Asparagus

While making dinner for the family, dad Christopher Messner had his baby Toryn strapped to his chest in a front-facing carrier to watch the preparations. The previously fussy Toryn giggled adorably each time Messner trimmed and tossed individual stalks of asparagus onto a pan. Messner was so amused that he recorded it for Toryn’s mother to see when she returned home.

I was getting dinner ready while my wife was out getting her hair cut. Baby was getting fussy while sitting in the pack and play nearby. I knew the baby wanted to be held, so I put on the ergo while I prepped the asparagus. Immediately, Toryn started laughing every time I snapped and tossed an asparagus. I had to show this to my wife so I set the phone on the counter and hit record.

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