An Interactive Typewriter Simulator With a Realistic Feel

Designer Marcin Wichary created an interactive Typewriter Simulator that lets users experience a little bit of what life was like before the personal computer existed (in terms of word processing). The realistic simulator has all the sounds and functions of a standard typewriter, including the once-ubiquitous Wite-Out and easy changing of the ink ribbon.

Welcome to the typewriter simulator, part of my upcoming book Shift Happens! Just type around or click below for specific tasks and areas.

Wichary designed the Typewriter Simulator to accompany his Kickstarter project for his two-volume book Shift Happens.

The history of keyboards – from early typewriters to modern mechanical marvels – told in two beautiful volumes. …This book has nerdy roots and a lot of thoughts about technology, but its nerdiness centers around people and stories – not technical details. 

via Boing Boing

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