An Entertaining 3D Animation That Compares the Size of Fictional Monsters From Video Games, Movies, and TV

Amir Kedir of Real Data created an entertaining 3D animation that compares the size of famous fictional monsters from video games, movies, and television as seen through the eyes of Spider-Man.

Who is the biggest monster ever? Ever wondered how tall Godzilla is? Or what about colossal titian? Well! Let’s take a look at some of the biggest monsters ranked by their size.

The rendered Marvel superhero starts with the smallest monster (Chucky) and continues through characters ranging from the cute (Monsters Inc. – Mike and Sully, Ghostbusters – Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man) to the terrifying (It – Pennywise, Predator) to creepy (Alien –Xenomorph, King Kong – Skullcrawler) to fantastic ( Lord of the Rings – Smaug, Game of Thrones – Drogon) before landing on the largest monsters of all, the Sandworm from Dune and the Exogorth Space Slug from Star Wars.

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