An Eerie Halloween Poem About a Snoring Cat

Professional cat engineer Paul Klusman, who creates hilarious videos about his resident felines, wrote and recited an eerie Halloween poem about his desperate attempt to wake his snoring cat, Oscar. Unfortunately for Klusman, Oscar suffers from an acute case of “Cat Audio Filtration Technology”. This particular condition allows Oscar to sleep soundly and noisily through any range of cacophonous noises but wake up immediately to the sound of a can opener.

A sound I heard and then again

Then thrice and four times more

I turned in fright and there the sight

Of my cat and nothing more

’Twas my cat and nothing more

HIs whiskers twitched in a far off dream

Snoring in deep repose

Asleep in his chair completely unaware

Filtering oxygen through his nose

Moody instrumental music by Darren Curtis accompanied Klusman’s poem.

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