An Early Version of The Beatles’ ‘Yellow Submarine’

The Beatles released a subtle animation of their iconic Revolver album to accompany a rough, early working version of the song that was to become “Yellow Submarine”.

Music video by The Beatles performing Yellow Submarine (Songwriting Work Tape / Part 1)

This version starts out with the familiar line, “In the town where I was born”, but parts from there into dark lyrics about no one caring. John Lennon’s halting voice impeccably reflects that darkness and emotion. Despite its auspicious beginnings, the final version goes on to be a wonderfully catchy song.

Yellow Submarine,” the iconic, sunny rite of singalong passage for children everywhere, began life quite differently to the version that was released.

The video is part of the newly remixed stereo release of Revolver, which will be available for purchase beginning on October 28, 2022.

The new stereo mix, sourced directly from the original four-track master tapes, is brought forth in stunning clarity with the help of cutting edge de-mixing technology developed by Peter Jackson’s WingNut Films Productions Ltd.

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