An Animated Tenacious D Hilariously Sings About Video Games While Being Featured Inside Video Games

The always-entertaining Tenacious D have released a hilarious animated music video for their song “Video Games”. The inimitable Jack Black, who was represented with bulging eyes and a big beard, sang about not playing these games anymore while being featured inside a number of distinctive video games. Black’s famously quiet and talented musical partner Kyle Gass found himself at the mercy of either Black and/or the villains from these games.

 I don’t play video games no more

Never play video games except for a little bit of “God of War: 

I never play video games 

Maybe once in a while 

A little bit of Fallout 4 but that’s okay 

Not right now I got things to do 

Cause I don’t play video games no more 

Never play video games but a Red Dead Redemption 2 

that is not a game it’s an incredible chat…

The video was conceived by Chris O’Neill and directed by animator Adam Paloian.

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