An Amusing Definition of Cat Floof

Jackson Galaxy, renowned Cat Daddy, shared an amusing definition of floof, specifically as it pertains to cats. He talks about how the word can be used in a variety of different grammatical ways while also explaining how to take care of a floofy cat.

What is floof? Is it a noun, a verb, an adjective… or a way of life? We’re tackling only the hardest-hitting questions…so join us on this investigative deep-dive into floof.

Galaxy also explains what makes up a floofy coat.

For instance, we have the guard hairs which are the outer hair. It’s also called primary hairs. They are coarse and straight and they taper to a fine tip to insulate a cat’s body and protect the skin and assist their sense of touch. They’re almost like little whiskers. Medium-sized awn hairs come below that. …And then the secondary hairs are those located in the undercoat. These crimped or rippled appearing hairs are the thinnest in a cat’s coat. … All together these three layers of floofy hair help to regulate body temperature.

Our late, greatly missed mascot Ika Zaru was a particularly floofy cat.

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