An Amusing 1984 Budweiser Commercial With Oingo Boingo Singing ‘This Bud’s For You’

A very amusing Budweiser commercial from 1984 a wild soundtrack of Oingo Boingo singing “This Bud’s for You” in the band’s distinctively unique way. Frontman Danny Elfman, in character, took two window washers on the ride of their life through a bar, a gym, through an odd house, and up into the skies. Once on the plane, Elfman mounted what appeared to be a bomb, much in the style of Dr. Strangelove, but it turned out to be a giant bottle of Bud instead

A pair of window washers’ scaffold reaches an apartment’s upper floor. Although they initially try to proceed with their job, they are distracted by Oingo Boingo performing in a neon-lit gym.

submitted via Laughing Squid Tips

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