An Amazing Automatic Infinite LEGO Domino Ring

Talented kinetic sculptor Jason Allemann of JK Brickworks built an infinite LEGO domino ring that automatically lifts each brick up directly after it’s been knocked down. Allemann explained that he used 64 dominos, a rail for the swing arm that lifts the bricks, and a Mindstorm EV3 to monitor speed. While the mechanics are amazing, the continual motion of each run is soothing, both visually and audibly.

A never ending (theoretically) domino ring, built using LEGO bricks. …The ring contains 64 dominos. A ramp runs along the inside of the ring, opposite the falling dominos, to lift them back up. A Mindstorms EV3 is used to monitor and control the speed of the ramp so that it matches the falling dominos.

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