An Adorable Fuzzy-Headed Flying Fox Celebrates Her First Birthday at the Oregon Zoo

An adorable fuzzy-headed Rodrigues flying fox named Roxy celebrated her first birthday with yummy treats and a visit from her caretaker Lauran at the Oregon Zoo. Roxy was just a tiny pup when her mother rejected her, so the staff intervened to care for her on a daily basis.

Happy Birthday Roxy! This tiny Rodrigues flying fox is a year old today. Care staff hand-reared Roxy after she was rejected by her mom.

The Rodrigues flying fox is considered to be endangered according to IUCN but their numbers are increasing due to concentrated conservation efforts around the world.

Rodrigues flying foxes are a critically endangered species whose population has increased to around 20,000 thanks to more than four decades of conservation activity. …In the 1970s, the Rodrigues population dropped to less than 100. A breeding program was started in England, and other zoos joined the effort. Today, the population is estimated to be over 20,000. The Oregon Zoo began housing Rodrigues bats in 1994 and has raised more than 50 pups.

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