American Excitedly Describes All the Cars He Sees on a Sydney Street That Aren’t Available in the United States

American Wasteland Firebird quite excitedly walked down a street in Sydney, Australia, and described all the cars he saw that aren’t available for purchase in the United States, including his own.

I’m so excited about all the cars that we have in Sydney Australia that we don’t get in the United States. …This is my solar orange Toyota 86. they only sold 60 in this color in Australia. And this is my Suzuki Chimney which I love. I wanted to drive something in Australia that we can’t get in the US and so this is what I got for that purpose.

He also stated that he also wants to do the same when returning to the States, but in reverse.

I think next time when we’re in the United States we need to do this exact version again but with American cars and have me in front of the camera. I think that would be a great addition, an Australian going to America and getting all excited about the American cars

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